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International protection for translators and interpreters

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International petition to support translators and interpreters
As a group of professional interpreters, CIAP resolutely supports this petition to end the targeting of translators and interpreters worldwide and offer them specific protection under international law.

As a professional category, we are covered neither by the Geneva Conventions nor by a UN resolution (unlike journalists).

From the interpreters who assisted military forces in Afghanistan and Iraq to the translators of dissident content, our colleagues are being persecuted, imprisoned and summarily executed for practicing a profession that facilitates communication, bridges divides and permits negotiations to end conflicts around the globe.

The petition, launched jointly by Red TAIIC, FIT, IAPTI, CLI and WASLI, urges the UN Security Council to issue a Resolution to Protect Civilian Translators and Interpreters in Conflict Situations, which would give member states a mandate to prosecute crimes perpetrated against these neutral, multilingual communicators.

With close to 14,000 signatures as of today, there is strong support for this initiative. Please help protect our friends and colleagues, and their families, by clicking here to sign this petition.

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