Simultaneous interpretation equipment

The success of a conference depends to a large extent on the quality and reliability of simultaneous interpretation equipment and sound transmission.

CIAP can direct you towards reputable simultaneous interpretation equipment suppliers in countries including Thailand, Singapore, China, Korea, Malaysia, Australia, Indonesia, Cambodia, the Philippines etc.

We can liaise with the vendor on technical requirements and can also include simultaneous interpretation equipment rental directly in our quotation.

Simultaneous interpretation equipment includes headsets for delegates.


It is in your best interest to use standardised simultaneous interpretation equipment and competent technicians to set it up and run it. A good simultaneous interpretation equipment vendor will liaise with your conference venue to check compatibility. Your Consultant Interpreter can recommend reputable simultaneous interpretation equipment suppliers near your event – this is included in our interpreting services.

Here is a helpful checklist for hiring simultaneous interpretation equipment.

Why sound quality is important for simultaneous interpretation

Interpreters rely on good sound quality to be able to render the original message in the other official language. They must not only listen to what the speaker is saying but talk over them in order to convey their ideas simultaneously to the other participants. This is why the quality of sound is so important especially when it comes to remote interpretation and audio-video conferencing. The applicable ISO standard stipulates that the sound equipment used for interpretation services should correctly reproduce audio-frequencies between 125Hz and 12 500Hz.

The following recording demonstrates the fluctuations in sound quality when different audio devices (cellphone, Skype, regular phone, Polycom) are used in remote interpretation settings.



Audio comparison – interpretation

from JS Cote on Vimeo.

Reference audio track used: Introduction of Hamlet by William Shakespeare
BBC Radio Collection ©1998

Document prepared by JS Côté and Dijana Lazar


Hire interpreters through CIAP and we will direct you towards simultaneous interpretation equipment suppliers who understand the importance good quality sound.

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